About Gwen Crawford, GLC Enterprises, LLC

Mrs. Crawford's passion and focus has been on health and a healthy lifestyle for the past 25 years. She is no stranger to the medical field. Gwen’s medical history includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Studies from Western Michigan University. Using the naturopathic and holistic health approach, she wrote her second cookbook, "The Crossover Diet."

The Crossover Diet allows the willing person to begin removing harmful foods from their food choices and substitute wholesome foods in their place. If you use these recipes "You no longer have to go on a diet to lose weight."

Mrs. Crawford also Overcame Pancreatic Cancer Without Chemotherapy or Radiation "I Took My Health and Destiny Into My Own Hands! I was given two weeks to six months to live by the experts! I proved all of my doctors wrong. It has been six years and I'm still here! That's why I created Gwen's Cancer Survival Kit.

About Cook’n With Love Enterprises

Gwen Crawford is the principal officer of Cook’n With Love Enterprises and the author of "Healthy Meals." Several years ago Mrs. Crawford wrote a cookbook entitled Delicious Recipes based on the premise that meals taste better when love is invested in the preparation and ingredients are carefully selected with a health conscience attitude. That is how Cook’n With Love was conceived. In an effort to combat her high blood pressure and high cholesterol, Mrs. Crawford set out on a mission to help herself and others by being better educated on what to eat and what not to eat. Healthy diets with proper nutrition can in many cases prevent or may reverse a variety of life-threatening diseases.

In her continuing quest for healthy cooking, Gwen met Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, world-renowned nutritionist, naturopath and author. Dr. Afrika helped her understand health, nutrition and food preparation at a higher level. Cook’n With Love Enterprises was created to be a vehicle through which knowledge of healthier eating styles could be relayed. The Healthy Meals Cookbook was developed by Cook’n With Love Enterprises to accomplish this goal. Crossing over to a healthy diet becomes a pathway to good health. Mrs. Crawford truly believes that it is our God-given right to be informed of what is necessary to be healthy and live long lives.

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