Let's Get Healthy Workshops

Discover How to Cross Over to a Healther Diet
Without Sacrificing Your Favorite Meals

Learn how to go from foods that destroy our bodies
to delicious meals that heal our bodies and promote GOOD HEALTH!

Lecture  Video Presentation  Food Sampling

We can conduct a workshop on the Crossover Diet for your organization.  We will come to you and provide you with the necessary information on how to eat and cook healthy.  We teach from a naturopathic and holistic view.

You will receive information on foods that are nutritious which promote good health as well as information on those foods that are unhealthy.  A list of alternative products will be given to you to substitute for unhealthy products.   We teach you what to look for when shopping and what to stay away from.  You’ll also be shown how to prepare a variety of recipes along with life techniques for stress, pain, exercise, etc...
...and much more!!

To setup a workshop, please email your request to gwen@cooknwithlove.com or call (616) 965-1005.

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